made in Germanium

The original ArtBox
Fuzz Manufactory

Boost Drive Crunch Lead Fuzz
Point to Point handwired - 100% organic
High Quality NOS GermaniumTransistors
and Germanium GlassDiodes - fluxed-up
classA circuits - handmade with love -
one-of ArtBox Originals only

there's pre fluxmachines and there's post
fluxmachines. no turning back now. m.henderson

it melts so well with your amp, you
forget you have a pedal on. _d.parker


Musical Tonegenerators
electro magnetic magic

O s c i l l a & O s c i l l u m
and their oscillating babies

named Wonder Ground, Bird Box, Dada Drive, bBow etc.

  100% organic + 100% surrealism

" OSCILLUM Torn Deluxe - such an amazing one;
it's so fluxed-up! .. most satisfying ampdriver -
even in its most simple status." David Torn

" loving this unit! so much range and timbral potential.
it`s a true musical instrument . " Matte Henderson


who the flux ? Gugu Flux
art , music & fluxed-up circuits

why 50+ Fluxmachines ?
Distortion Gesamtkunstwerk! i
know ;
it IS a little bit confusing and unusual and too
much informationon on first sight ! - forgive me -
i think artistic , ha ha . i love conceptual art as much as
improvising with happy incidents . i do everything myself :
from circuits to boxes , drawings to websites , from testing to
shipping; because this is my baby and i enjoy every
single step
of the process. you might have
to wait some time for your ma-
chine,because i dont want to grow bigger and become what i
not : - small industry - and at the end of the day spend less of
the day with what i love and always did:create playfully and
by the magic of the moment. u may not choose to
spend a
lot of money on one thing. you may prefer to buy
two or three things instead
and sell them again. i under-
stand because i am just like you . please consider that
handmade one-ofs (unica) take much more time
than printed circuit boards (pcb)
. they sound
and feel different. I m building them on
purpose the very
old - school way
hand-wired - point to point, w/
extra bold solid core, high
quality long lasting
parts & finest

all fluxxies get boiled in the magic pot .

how can it sound natural, if it isnt done naturally ?

the electric soul

is all through pure analog
( discrete ) transistor classA design;
point to point free-handwired (no pcb) ,
wired 3D - similar to a handwired Tubeamp ,
mechanical bypass , high quality, unavailable or
ultra rare Germanium (Ge32) NOS Transistors , nos
( Si14) Trannies and Germanium point-contact
Diodes from the last century and my private treasury ;
which took many years of research , purchase , comparison ,
learning , listening and collecting excellent and extraordinary
sounding components that help define these organic sounds .
all circuits are protected against Dc peaks and false polarity .

fluxmachines are hand made with time for detail.

with box-mounted potentiometers , switches and jacks .
hand - painted , laquered , drilled , sanded , carved
stamped , polished , tested , played , calibrated .
- made for the pedalboard - NO Batteries -
9V Dc center ground . use stabilized ,
toroidal power supplies for
best performance .


i've been onboard w/ torn for most of his 2+year fuzz
bender. this one takes the cake. so satisfying to play.
*enormous* notes & fast attack.
m. henderson

"wandering w/ a sputtering light through the temple of the
overlarge bees w/ a buzzer which eats its own tail."
david torn


So freaking awesome!! U r the artist with pedals !!!
Canīt pick up my fav pedals , they are all so good ,
I can find Eric Johnson tonez to fuzz mayhem :)
sam vilo

Mr.Cloudchair introduced Oscilla7 as his favorite guitar pedal
to the japanese guitar magazine: the EFFECTOR (2017) .

"your pedals make me happy."
jake cloudchair


point-to-point handwired, Ge fuzz that sounds and responds
like a fuzz face designed by a slightly crazy genius. Which is to
say, super responsive, tons of presence, and huge range with
the controls and your guitar`s controls. Wonderful.
nick jaffe

a miles davis tune by nick w/the unique BRASSMAN - Fuzz

A unique and versatile fuzz with an emphasis on rich but
cutting tones with tons of bass available. Amazing on
guitar, baritone and bass.
nick jaffe

your pedals are great and you deserve all the accolades you
can get . things like the Bird Box will be polarizing
but i guess all art is , right?
brett kingman 2015


Oscillum Express Gold Foot to sUn of goldfinger - this photo was taken by David Torn

"Endlessly curious about the guitar’s sonic range,
Harvey Valdes plays with pushing its potential. ... ,
his score for Utopians, which premiered at the 2011 @
Berlin Film Festival, had “one of the most long lasting guitar
improvisations since (Neil Young’s score for) Dead Man.”

fuzz like no other, Meister Gugu _harvey valdes

V I D E O S and P A G E S
for ALL 50+ Fluxmachines via

head-frame menu (top)
zoom-in !


WAITING TIME ≈ < ∞ :-)

I am a one-man-show and
I build them in small numbers and
custom order only. no stock.
no dealers.
one-of = unicum.

I create custom artboxes for 350 €,
500 , 650+ depending on how many features you want , material and
the amount of days it takes .

all fluxmachines are tested in detail
and calibrated for roomtemperature
( 64-77°F / 18-25°C )



for further questions or placing an order, do not hesitate to use
my mail address above . no cookies used and none of your data stored or
given to third parties here. thank you for your interest :-) gugu flux


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I own a lot of great pedals, but this is
next level tonal magic.

fluxmachines is the truth. _m.henderson