killing! Oscillum Torn Deluxe.
Oscillum is much more than it seems!
beyond wacky: quite gorgeous! most
satisfying amp-driver, even in its most
simple status!
david torn ,

your pedals make me happy!

Jake Cloudchair introduced Oscilla7 as his
fav guitar pedal to the japanese guitar magazine :
the EFFECTOR (2017)

your pedals are great and you deserve all the
accolades you can get . things like the BirdBox
( oscillation fuzz ) will be polarizing but i guess
all art is , right?
( B&C , Lead , Osc )


. ..

artboxes of sound from the inimitable Gugu Flux!
some of the most unique stompboxes i know of.
( Sfx & Osc Fuzz ) -

So freaking awesome!! U r the artist with pedals !!!
Can´t pick up my fav pedals , they are all so good ,
I can find Eric Johnson tonez to fuzz mayhem :)
( B&C , Lead , Ltd. ) -

i wanna buy everything he builds.
gary miller (Doctor Know)



It really is wonderful! a beautiful tone and fan-
tastically calibrated and well thought out options.
elliot simpson

u r a g#d among men.
matte henderson

"Gugu's Fluxmachines are - without exception -
the best fuzz pedals I have ever played.

Gugu refers to them as 'unicum',
meaning unique works of art, and this is a
perfectly fitting description for these sonic treasures.
In a world of fuzz pedals where
most builders still
reproduce the same
few classic circuits, Gugu's
originality comes as a breath of fresh air.

It's difficult to describe what makes
these fuzzes so special, as it really is just the
entire experience of them that I find so inspiring,
but I'll try to convey the experience without
resorting to the kind of vague adjectives
commonly used to describe guitar tones.

Yes, my Fluxmachine is versatile,
but it retains its unique voice throughout
the range of tones that it produces. I can get vin-
tage, buzzy 60s tones by turning the tone knob up and
the saturation down. I can get full, warm, and modern
lead tones by rolling back the treble and cranking the
saturation. I can even get some beautiful oscillation
when I am feeling experimental. All the while, it's
own one-of-a-kind character shines through.

It really is the voice of the Fluxmachine (mine
is the Starlight Songbird) that separates it from the
pack. It has a wonderfully balanced tone, with soft,
round lows , crisp highs (which can be rolled off to
taste with the tone knob), and a strong upper-mid
presence that really allows it to cut through the
mix. It never gets mushy or undefined, even
at the highest gain settings. I really can't
imagine getting a more beautiful, arti-
culate lead tone from a pedal.

In fact, that's just the magic -
it melds so well with your amp that
you forget that you have a pedal on. Turn
down your guitar's volume knob, and you'll have
light, slightly crunchy overdrive. Turn it up, and you're
guitar is a magma- spewing volcano. You won't sound
like anyone else
but you'll sound so very glorious -
like you've finally found your instrument's most
natural and sublime voice.

Gugu is crafting unique works of art that are imbued with
all the creativity and craftsmanship that builders of
the highest order strive for. - Daniel Parker